Chronology of Term Pranic Healing



This chronology was created to demonstrate the ancient nature of the term Pranic Healing – which derives from multiple sources – & from multiple Authors.

The information demonstrates usage of the term – historically and globally.

Clearly the terminology – Pranic Healing – Pre-Existed usage of the term by Master Choa Kok Sui.

The very title of his first book The Ancient Science & Art of Pranic Healing (Dec. 1987 1st Release – 1988 1st Distribution) – denotes that it is a compilation of techniques – which are derivative in nature.

For example, while “Pranic Healing nach Choa Kok Sui” maybe considered to be descriptive – the term “Pranic Healing” is clearly generic and has been used by other multiple Authors – as noted below.

Our discussion begins with the root of the terminology – Prana – and leads step by step through a chronology of the usage of the term – Pranic Healing.

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Before mid first millennium BCE Chandogya Upanishad  2.7.1  Ancient Text from the Yoga Prana Vidya System Prana (prāṇa) is the Sanskrit word for “vital life” (from the root prā “to fill”)
Before mid first millennium BCE Chandogya Upanishad  2.7.1   Prana … is a part of the worldly, physical realm (which) sustains the body …
1906New York, USA The Science of Psychic Healing  Yogi Ramacharaka(One of the Pseudonyms of the American Author William Walker Attkinson) The Principles of Pranic HealingThe Practice of Pranic HealingSpiritual Healing is also called “Divine Healing” by this author … MCKS also presented Spiritual or Divine Healing as used by this and other earlier sources indicating multiple derivative extracts.
1911New York, USA  Journal of the Outdoor Life: Volume 8  National Tuberculosis Association  This Journal states, that Indian Theosophists use Pranic Healing more than any other method … and (also) operate by “Distant Pranic Healing”- with splendid results.
1950, Great Britain, Ireland  The Publisher (A Book of collected Articles)  Volume 164    … the vital force of Prana (Pranic Healing) can through the practice of this technique of Yoga  – (Projecting Energy) from the hands – to produce an impressive list of certified cures of patients.
1950, London, United Kingdom  Healing Fingers: The Power of “Yoga Pranic Healing” Percy Youlden Johnson  Please note: The term Pranic Healing is a part of the title of this book.
1960, New York, US The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga Swami Vishnu Devananda Discussion about Pranic Healing.
1970, New York, USA  Darshana International: Volume 10  J.P. Atreya, Jan 1970  When the mind is still and concentrated … one becomes in tune with God … (and is) surcharged with God´s electric energy (which)is flowing through him … this is known as Pranic Healing.
1973, New York, USA  Orgone, Reich and Eros: Wilhelm Reich´s Theory of Life Energy  William Edward Mann  … most of the books on magnetic (healing) or Pranic Healing advise the healer to shake or flick their hands … (to avoid) Healers taking on some or all of the symptoms of their patients.
1973, Kerola, India Ramadas Speaks: Volume 3  Ramadas (Swami)  Discussion on the Difference between Pranic Healing and Divine Healing.
Jul-Aug 1978      Montreal, Canada  Yoga Journal     Discussion on the Power of Pranayama and Pranic Healing.
1978, Himalayas, India  Kundalini Yoga  Swami Sivananda Radha  Pranic Healing (or) Prana then can be released “at will” toward the patient in need of healing.Pranic Energy (then) flows into the patient´s body.
1985, Himalayas, India  Health and Hatha Yoga  Swami Sivananda  The control of vibratory Prana … (leads) a yogi (to) the realization of the Self – Pranic Healing … (Practitioners) may impart Prana in healing morbid diseases.
1986, York Beach, USA  The Chakras & Esoteric Healing  Zachary F. Lansdowne  On the term Pranic Healing the following excerpts can be noted:It is the approach of Pranic Healing to heal the physical body by directing Prana …Before proceeding with Pranic Healing, it is important that the (energy of the) patient be carefully diagnosedIf the assistance of the higher intelligence has been invoked, then this (Divine) Intelligence is able to direct the needed Energies (in the) form of Pranic Healing
1986, York Beach, USA  The Chakras & Esoteric Healing  Zachary F. Lansdowne The Pranic Healer attempts to either stimulate or to abstract energy from one or more or a patient´s chakras (according to the need of the patient).Note:We believe the term Pranic Healer was first used by this Author in 1986 prior to the Publishing of the books of Master Choa Kok Sui
1986, Llewellyn, MN, US  Complete Book of Witchcraft  Raymond Buckland  Lesson 13: Auric Healing, Pranic Healing, Absent Healing, Color Healing, Gem therapy … Positive thinkingYou can do Auric or Pranic Healing (at a Distance)Two methods of doing Pranic Healing, (may be used) when the patient is not physically presentBoth Auric and Pranic Healing (at a Distance) can be done using a good, clear photograph of the person
1987, York Beach, USA  The Eyes have it: A Self-Help Manual for Better Vision  Earlyne Chaney  Pranic Healing magnetism flows from your hands … The warmth increases the circulation.
It should be noted that the first book of Master Choa Kok Sui was released in December 1987
1987, Philippines  The Ancient Art and Science of Pranic Healing  Master Choa Kok Sui  This is the first published book of Master Choa Kok Sui about Pranic Healing
1996, USA  Prana, The Secret of Yogic Healing  Atreya  Pranic Healing used as a complement to, rather than a competition for, the allopathic regimens of Western health care
1997, India  Pranic Healing using Breathing with Healing  L.R. Chowdhry  Please note: The term Pranic Healing is a part of the title of this book
1998, USA  Practical Ayurveda: Secrets for Physical, Sexual & Spiritual Health  Atreya  It is possible to have therapeutic effect … by using Pranic Healing
1999, Delhi, India  The Oneness/Otherness Mystery: the Synthesis of Science and Mysticism Sutapas Bhattacharya  Discusses conventional and paranormal processes in Pranic Healing … and on the more complex aspects of the healing phenomenon – such as tissue regeneration and immunological reactions
The Term Pranic Energy Healing
2003, Pennsylvania, US Eternal Wellnes (Chrystalis Readers) Carol & Robert Lawson Pranic Energy Healing is an inborn talent in everyone …
2005, California, 1st Print -Canada  The Miracle of the Breath Andy Caponigro  In the book Chapter 16 is titled Pranic Energy Healing … I call this skill “Pranic Energy Healing” because it’s based on the healer’s ability to consciously transmit healing Prana from one person to another is possible because the Pranic Life-force is the same in all living creatures.
2006, Indianapolis, US The Rite Way to Immortality F. Cantanza Rite, Ph.D., D.H.H … of this system lies the science and practice called Pranic Energy Healing
2011, US A Survivor’s Guide to Kicking Cancer’s Ass Dena Mendes Pranic (Energy) Healing is a highly evolved, intricate, and tested system of energy medicine that uses Prana (Energy) to balance, harmonizes, and transforms the body’s Energy.Note: Parenthesis in the terminology Pranic Energy Healing are verbatim from this Author
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