Pranic Energy Healing Manual

The Ultimate Manual on Energetic Defense – Level IV
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Pranic Healing, Prana Therapy, Prana Yoga Vidya, Yoga Prana Vidya, Prana Chiktsa (Treatment), Prana Therapy … and Pranic Energy Healing are all forms of Prana Treatment … originating from Vedic Literature of India as well as from multiple other ancient traditions and schools of Yoga and Esoteric Sciences.


Readers from various global regions or from different traditions … may substitute the term “Pranic Energy Healing” for Yoga Prana Vidya or Prana Yoga Vidya … in order to enhance their comprehension of the text or where useage of these terms may feel  more comfortable. This may be done because all of these terms … are generally synonymous with each other … within the context of this manuscript.


This collection of Ancient Knowledge … is also a part of Chinese Traditional Medicine, is also related to the “Laying on of hands” in the Christian Tradition and “Do In” in the Japanese Tradition (while All use Energy – the major difference is in  Not Touching a client).


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